AZON 2.0 presented its resources at the XXIV Lower Silesian Science Festival

What does sugar look like under a microscope, what did the archaeological sites of Machu Picchu look like, or how can we use drone photos to estimate the population of Kotewka in Oława near Wrocław. This and many other resources and methods of their preparation could be seen by the participants of the presentation of the Atlas of Open Science Resources 2.0 during the XXIV Lower Silesian Science Festival.


Jerzy Kotowski's lectures. Fundamentals of programming, ANSI language C

This is a series of lectures devoted to what has happened to our planet in the last 50 - 60 years, i.e. technology related to computer science, or rather the ANSI C programming language - announces Dr. Eng. Jerzy Kotowski from the Faculty of Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology. 14 of his lectures dedicated to the ANSI C language have been deposited on the AZON platform.


AZON 2.0 at the XXIV Lower Silesian Science Festival

A fascinating tour of the most interesting resources deposited on the website on September 20 during the 24th Lower Silesian Science Festival.


Artificial intelligence in the real world. Python Workshops

Artificial intelligence enters our lives through various types of amenities, such as the Google assistant, which allows us to search for information, helps in the implementation of everyday activities - says MSc. Sylwia Majchrowska, who teaches the basics of Python programming at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology