API Key Registration

The tool is used to submit requests for an access key to the programming interfaces of the AZON system. These keys are used when sending requests to various parts of this system. Thanks to them, access to the depository subsystem, which takes place in accordance with the AZON REST API specification, and access to the graph database subsystem, which takes place via AZON SPARQL Endpoint, are protected.

Dictionary editor

The tool is used to view and edit controlled vocabularies built on the basis of the SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) in accordance with the rights granted. Currently it supports a dictionary of keywords used when creating metadata description of scientific resources deposited in the AZON system.

SPARQL Query Editor

The tool is used to edit queries in SPARQL, send them to a graph database through the a designated endpoint (AZON SPARQL Endpoint) and present the obtained results. Thanks to it, you can view the metadata of scientific resources deposited in the AZON system using the Semantic Web technology. You need an API key to use this tool.

CSV to RDF converter

The tool is used to generate a set of metadata describing tabular data according to the Tabular Data and Metadata on the Web specification and to convert tabular data from CSV format to selected RDF serialization format using such metadata.


The tool is an electronic version of the Etymological dictionary of geographical names of Silesia (pol. Słownik etymologiczny nazw geograficznych Śląska, SENGŚ), created on the basis of information from 17 volumes of the original dictionary, published in the traditional way by the Governmental Research Institute, Silesian Institute in Opole.