Jerzy Kotowski's lectures. Fundamentals of programming, ANSI language C

This is a series of lectures devoted to what has happened to our planet in the last 50 - 60 years, i.e. technology related to computer science, or rather the ANSI C programming language - announces Dr. Eng. Jerzy Kotowski from the Faculty of Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology. 14 of his lectures dedicated to the ANSI C language have been deposited on the AZON platform.

This proposal is recommended to everyone who wants to learn the secrets of programming. Dr inż. Jerzy Kotowski is known for his daring lectures on the basics of programming. He has enormous knowledge in this field. The presented series are lectures on the ANSI C language, which is the foundation for understanding another C ++ language.

There are 14 lectures. - The semester lasts 15 weeks, the last week is devoted to checking the knowledge, summarizing the lectures, hence the number - the speaker explains.

It is worth taking a look at them, because Jerzy Kotowski, supporting the lecture with many exercises, warnings and rules, guides the viewer through the complexities of programming in an accessible way.

Lectures "Basics of programming, ANSI C language" deposited on the AZON platform:
Lecture 1 -,63190/
Lecture 2 -,63660/
Lecture 3 -,63658/
Lecture 4 -,63657/
Lecture 5 -,63656/
Lecture 6 -,63664/
Lecture 7 -,63659/
Lecture 8 -,63655/
Lecture 9 -,63654/
Lecture 10 -,63661/
Lecture 11 -,63665/
Lecture 12 -,63662/
Lecture 13 -,63663/
Lecture 14 -,63666/