The dark history of old medicine - an interview on the LUZ Academic Radio

Bloodletting has been used for virtually every condition. For colds, you had to put boiled potatoes around your neck or rub a baked potato into your skin. For whooping cough it was recommended to drink a mixture of herbs from the bishop's skull.

Although plants and herbal mixtures were commonly used for treatment in the Middle Ages, the medicine of that time also went towards the dark side. For example, it was believed that a good medicine was the blood of a young man executed on a gallows. Ideally, it should be fresh blood, because it works better. It's even better if the man was red, because he was more energetic and lively. So people used to sneak to the execution sites at night to drink the blood of the doomed ...
How were treated in the past, what medical practices were used, how were the anatomy of the human body discovered and what resulted in pandemics - about the dark history of old medicine, Academic Radio LUZ talks to Aleksandra Wrześniewska from the Kostka Scientific Society of Anthropologists at the University of Wrocław.

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