Jerzy Łątka, PhD is the best in the FameLab Poland competition

Jerzy Łątka, PhD from the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology became the winner of the 9th edition of FameLab Poland - a competition for science popularizers. The scientist, the creator of many fantastic resources on the AZON website, won not only the main prize, but also the audience award.

FameLab is an international competition for students, scientists and people involved in applying science in everyday life. The participants stand on the stage to present the selected scientific issue to the audience. They only have three minutes to do so.

Jerzy Łątka talked about architecture made of paper - and especially its help aspect, i.e. creating houses of paper building materials for victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. He has been dealing with this subject for many years both academically and professionally. He perversely titled his speech: "To live in a cardboard box".

More information on the Wrocław University of Science and Technology home page.

Selected resources of dr inż. arch. Jerzy Łątka are available on the AZON website at,11121/

FOT. CC BY-SA | Finał konkursu FameLab 2015 - Centrum Nauki Kopernik, logo konkursu; fot. A.Kozak | źródło:,_logo_konkursu;_fot._A.Kozak.jpg